Chromatotherapy is a scientific method that allows us to use in a rational way colored rays of light. In a predictable manner each color has on a living organism (human, animal or plant) a biological and psychological effect.

The use of Chromatotherapy by physicians and therapeutists increases every day the value of the findings of this method. The therapeutic consequences are very important:

1°) Play with the colors by choosing the ones which are in tune with the patient pathology. This therapy, like any other treatment, needs a diagnosis made by a physician, diagnosis on three levels: anatomy, energy, psychology.

2°) Use a physiological stimulation, don’t fight against the body defenses but use them. A weak intensity colored light (opposed to some phototherapies)   strengthens to the body spontaneous reactions.

3°) Put in front of the white light you use performing filters (to chose precise wavelengths) specific to Chromatotherapy and measure the irradiation time. The results are predictable only after measuring the exposure time.

4°) Use this method in two ways:

Luminous Chromatotherapy.

Molecular Chromatotherapy.

5°) Follow a training to learn Chromatotherapy and join an association, the C.E.R.E.C. (Centre d’étude et de Recherche sur l‘énergie et la couleur) which has a worldwide membership of therapeutists

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